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Date: 3/3/99 8:38:32 PM Central Standard Time

From: (dawg)



Dear Daddy,


Look at all that you've accomplished in over a half a century. You've got two beautiful children (maybe even more) & (one more beautiful than the other) who will bend over backwards for you, two beautiful grand-children (for now) who will someday give you great-grand children, a beautiful wife who will do anything for you, a boat that has a CD player in it (who would've thought), TWO RV's that you can take anywhere you want (as long as you don't get stuck in sand or as long as they are running), a web-site that you created (with the same song that plays on and on and on and on and on), some of your teeth (and some of someone else's teeth), most of your hair (not that I've noticed), most of your original hair color (not that the gray doesn't make you look more distinguished), a mind with more wit than anyone in his right mind should be allowed to have (not that you're really in your right mind, sometimes), beautiful blue eyes that look more than wise, two children that have worked in a cotton gin, a loving dog of which you've had several, a Juris Doctorate, a heart bigger than OZ ever had, and the ability to make people laugh like they've never laughed before.


As the story goes, I could go on and on but my point is that you've really created a full-life for yourself and if you can do that in 51 years, imagine what you will do in the next 50 years!!!!!!!!!!


Oftentimes I think of the Chicken-Tree-Ranch days and remember how much you had to study, how much family time we spent together even while you were studying & working... I want to thank you for that because as I start my new life here, I've run into quite few weirdos and wackos (and I'm not just talking about the relatives down here), without really realizing that those people really DID exist!


I also think about the poverty and what you did to put food on the table for Jimmy Alan and I... I swear dad, you could write a book about your life. I always think that about you. And you're only 51!!!!!!! Imagine what you will have to say when you're 100!!!!!!!


Look at all the places you've been, look at all the people you've met, look at all the knowledge you've engulfed and the experiences that you've led. The next man I marry is going to have all of your qualities... I mean it!

Just the other night, Rich was talking about how great you were in high school, be it from athletics or academics....and also about how when you got into fist fights, you were the baddest ass around (not too sure that was a quality), but how guys would hunt you down just to fight you and you'd still kick their butt!


You have such control over your thoughts, actions, feelings, and life. You have the sanest thought process I've ever known to exist. Basically, you are ALL that anyone whomever meets you, admires. You've really accomplished a lot in this part of your life and I hope that some day I can only make you proud of me in that respect.


You really are more than just my dad, my best-friend, or my soul-mate. You are my everything! So please take care in the next 50 years. Take care of yourself, dad. Because I just can't wait to see what you accomplish in the next few years.


I love you more than anything and am proud and honored to call you my daddy!


Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and a great day the rest of the week! I miss you!





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Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:53:28 EDT


It's Seamond! Hazel tells me you are retiring the end of this month! I am so happy for you - and yet the CG is going to miss one of its most colorful personas ever. I still would like me and my husband to come fishing with you one of these days - as Hazel says you have the BEST fishing ever. (She had a GREAT time!) I have had such a good time surfing your web page, I think I might even make one of my own now - you have inspired me.

How'd you get such a nice wife? She is so cool. I loved your trip to the casino. We go over there quite a bit - may run into you someday.

Let me hear from you, please.

All kidding aside, you have REALLY EARNED your retirement. Good for you!


P.S. Of all the stuff on the site, I was so impressed by the letter from Adm Gracey - sounds like you made that a trip for hhim to remember. Not everyone gets admiral letters like that - I know, I had to type that stuff up at Governors Island!

You are trespassing on Jim's Brag Wall Page 3

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